Are you ready to support me? Wonderful!

Here are several options:

Contact me – You can email me at or sign up below to receive information and updates on my campaign activity, appearances, and events.

Follow me – You can find @Sisson4Schools on both Facebook and Instagram. See the icons on my home page.

Introduce me – I need to meet literally thousands of people in the coming months. If you’d like to host a get-together, a social event, or an issues discussion, I’d love to meet you and your neighbors!

Advertise for me – Let me know if you’re willing to display a car magnet and/or a yard sign. I’ll follow up with you as we get closer to election day!

Volunteer for me – Let me know if you’re willing to help my campaign! There is something for everyone – you can make phone calls, knock on doors, hand out literature (in your neighborhood, at the local farmer’s market, at festivals, etc), write postcards, walk in parades. The more, the merrier!

Donate to me – This is probably the hardest yet most important ask. The harsh reality is that I can’t win without funding. If you’re willing to support my campaign with a financial contribution, you can donate here.

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